Game Development Portfolio

Countdown to Tears - 2017
I got some friends together for Wizard Jam 5 and we made this small game. My role on it was primarily in gameplay design and programming. I helped flesh out the gameplay premise and how that would translate to game mechanics, then I wrote the majority of the gameplay code (player and NPC movement, scoring, the crying animation at the end). All of this was done in Game Maker Studio.

College Stuff
Untitled Platformer (link temporarily down) - 2014
I created this platformer as an independent RTF project for my Spring 2014 Semester. Sheldon Pacotti was my supervisor for this project. The goal was to create a Super Meatboy-style 2D platformer on my own using the Game Maker software and its GML scripting language. It has a start menu, multiple levels, and some basic gameplay features: the player can run, jump, wall-jump, and use a jetpack if they can reach it. The code created for this project can and will be used again for other platformer projects. Animation test by Eissa Burghed.

Cusp - 2013
I created Cusp in Sheldon Pacotti's game writing class for Radio/Television/Film majors. The class focused primarily on writing and design, and I got to learn many industry practices for creating truly interactive stories and characters. For Cusp, I decided to focus primarily on making interesting choices for the player, which resulted in its stripped-down text-adventure format. Cusp puts you in the shoes of an ex-convict thrust into the cyberpunk world of the future Yakuza. I assure you, it's complete coincidence that I've worked on two games that have to do with Japanese gangsters - this is the only one that I had creative control over. Everything in this game was created from scratch, by me. I did it in Visual Studio using C#. I have a few problems with it (*cough* input validation *cough*), but I've decided to take the lessons I learned here and apply them to future games I make.

Yakuza Hero - 2013
Yakuza Hero was a semester-long group project in an introductory game development course in my major, Radio/Television/Film. We were to learn the basics of game design and development using software called GameSalad. GameSalad is notoriously buggy and difficult to use, so we decided to challenge ourselves and make a 2D game in Unity instead. My contributions included implementing the GUI through C# scripting, as well as designing and building the last two levels of the game (dealing with environment/enemy placement and triggers). By the end of class we had a playable game, though by no means a finished product. I created this trailer for our final presentation (though this was not the last build of our game).

COOP - 2011
I was on a small team during the Global Game Jam 2011, which included then-new friends Shay Pierce and Robin Arnott. We all got together and decided to use Adam Saltsman's Flixel engine, which utilizes Actionscript 3. I had to quickly learn both AS3 and Flixel for this 48-hour project. Given my experience with Python and Java, I was able to do so. I programmed the character animations and designed and implemented the "Tar Field" mechanic. I also created keyboard graphics for the tutorial.

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