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Untitled Platformer (link temporarily down) - 2014
I created this platformer as an independent RTF project for my Spring 2014 Semester. Sheldon Pacotti was my supervisor for this project. The goal was to create a Super Meatboy-style 2D platformer on my own using the Game Maker software and its GML scripting language. It has a start menu, multiple levels, and some basic gameplay features: the player can run, jump, wall-jump, and use a jetpack if they can reach it. The code created for this project can and will be used again for other platformer projects. Animation test by Eissa Burghed.

Cusp - 2013
I created Cusp in Sheldon Pacotti's game writing class for Radio/Television/Film majors. The class focused primarily on writing and design, and I got to learn many industry practices for creating truly interactive stories and characters. For Cusp, I decided to focus primarily on making interesting choices for the player, which resulted in its stripped-down text-adventure format. Cusp puts you in the shoes of an ex-convict thrust into the cyberpunk world of the future Yakuza. I assure you, it's complete coincidence that I've worked on two games that have to do with Japanese gangsters - this is the only one that I had creative control over. Everything in this game was created from scratch, by me. I did it in Visual Studio using C#. I have a few problems with it (*cough* input validation *cough*), but I've decided to take the lessons I learned here and apply them to future games I make.

Yakuza Hero - 2013
Yakuza Hero was a semester-long group project in an introductory game development course in my major, Radio/Television/Film. We were to learn the basics of game design and development using software called GameSalad. GameSalad is notoriously buggy and difficult to use, so we decided to challenge ourselves and make a 2D game in Unity instead. My contributions included implementing the GUI through C# scripting, as well as designing and building the last two levels of the game (dealing with environment/enemy placement and triggers). By the end of class we had a playable game, though by no means a finished product. I created this trailer for our final presentation (though this was not the last build of our game).

COOP - 2011
I was on a small team during the Global Game Jam 2011, which included then-new friends Shay Pierce and Robin Arnott. We all got together and decided to use Adam Saltsman's Flixel engine, which utilizes Actionscript 3. I had to quickly learn both AS3 and Flixel for this 48-hour project. Given my experience with Python and Java, I was able to do so. I programmed the character animations and designed and implemented the "Tar Field" mechanic. I also created keyboard graphics for the tutorial.

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