Friday, August 23, 2013

Two reviews, Fez, Space Graffiti

Yes, that's my name (minus one 'l') in the Fez credits. PC QA team! I can't honestly say I did too much - I logged the handful of bugs I found. But there it is, and this blog is mostly for bragging.

My tumblr has two new posts on it as of today. I wrote a couple game reviews. One is for Fez and one is for Gone Home. Both are excellent games that do very different things, and I highly recommend you read my reviews then follow their advice, which is to buy the games.

Finally, I'm back on the radio this fall. I'll be on 91.7fm KVRX Austin every Thursday night from 8-9pm. That's a veteran timeslot y'all! The show is called Graffiti in Space and it's freeform. I imagine I'll be playing 60's prog, 90's indie, noise and desert rock, some stoner metal, some psychedelic stuff, some hip-hop, trip-hop, blade-runner-soundtrack kind of stuff. So tune into that!