Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the Dead

I guess it's about time I updated this blog with details on my radio show. I do a brutal radio show on KVRX Austin, UT's student-run radio station.

My show is called FOR THE DEAD, and as of now it comes on every Tuesday (as in today) night at 11pm central as of 8/30, I'll be on the air every Thursday night from midnight until 1AM. You can listen to it at KVRX.ORG or on 91.7fm. Right now it's two hours long, but it'll be cut down to one when KVRX has more students in the fall.

For The Dead and Ruptured Signal aren't currently on Thursday Nights
 FOR THE DEAD, the name of which comes from an Autopsy song, is a meditation on brutality. While it started as a purely metal show, over time I have refined both its scope and my tastes. I'm not interested in genre so much as I am certain songs and styles of songwriting. I like downtuned guitars, blastbeats, fat riffs, d-beats, throaty screams, all sorts of noise, and concise songwriting. I can't rightly say this is either a punk or a metal show - it sits somewhere at the bottom of the chasm in between, taking in all the ugly misfits on the fringes of both.

I do focus on a few underground genres: death metal, grindcore, and power violence are easily the top three. Black metal often makes an appearance in its more raw and primitive forms. I play some noise rock as well. Last episode I had a half-hour stretch dedicated to songs influenced by early Swans.

It's important to me that everything you hear in FOR THE DEAD sounds immediate and overwhelming. Listening to the full hour (let alone two!) of my show is like running some insane gauntlet. That's the point. Yes, I will throw in an odd song to change the pace and keep people on their toes, but mostly you're listening to a straight hour of people pounding on things while screaming about things.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not broadcasting any old noise. Every song you hear is hand-picked and high quality. I sift through a lot of music every week to find songs I know my listeners will enjoy, or at least find interesting. I play classics like Napalm Death and Incantation every once in a while as well. And I love taking requests, especially from people who get it. Call in! 512-495-5879 (KVRX).

If you like, you can see all my playlists here, on the kvrx website. If you're into social media, you can like the show on facebook here, or follow it on twitter.

In addition to my regular show, every once in a while I bring in guests to KVRX's Local Live. So far I've brought (in chronological order):

And there's a good chance War Master is going to play in August.

Descendants of Erdrick

I'll be on tonight at 11 playing the new Column of Heaven vinyl. Be stoked! Tune in. Tune in early if you like, the DJ before me has a great noise rock show.