Saturday, February 5, 2011

For the Dead

I do a radio show every week called For the Dead on 91.7FM KVRX Austin (or to the out-of-towners). It used to be the metal show, but I decided to narrow it down to the place where metal and punk collides. Sludge, grind, and thrash wouldn't exist without hardcore. So on my show I play that, then I play some death metal and doom metal too, just for good measure. I'd play hardcore, but the show right before mine is two hours of straight hardcore/punk (It's called Depleted Resource and you should listen to it). Anyway, the show comes on at 1AM every Thursday night/Friday morning (Texas time).

This year I decided that I want For the Dead to be as awesome as possible so I'm trying to have local bands come in and play sets that I can play on air. Stuff that people wouldn't normally hear, like local sludge band Esclavo or Houston's War Master (still trying to hunt them down if anybody can help). I'm also giving away tickets to local shows every week, FOR FREE.

If you want to see my playlists so far, you can do so here. I'm pretty proud of the last three.

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