Monday, October 25, 2010


I made a sub-reddit on called OneY (short for "One Y Chromosome") that, after merely a day, has more than a thousand users. I designed it to be a place where men of all kinds could talk about being men and what it means to be a man today.

I wasn't sure if it would take off or if people would even be interested in talking about such things (there's a popular perception that Reddit is already a boy's club), but more than 1000 people have decided to join, so I guess I did something right. So far, the community has been really excited about the direction it's going in, and I'm excited about it too.

Hopefully it will become a forum for honest and open discussion about manhood and the male experience.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my RTF 319 class, we recently had a teleconference with two people from the MPAA. We had an interesting discussion about copyright and the movie industry, and I got to make a few questions and comments. You can read it here.

My questions/comments are in the transcript but they aren't labeled as questions by me. So here are the ones I said:

"Student: You mentioned the development of alternative business models. I wonder what kind of examples you had."

"Student: I’m curious as to how much of a large portion of older movies made up DVD sales and whether or not services like Netflix which offers streaming services hurt those DVD sales?"

"Student: Can you really compare circumventing the software to breaking into a store when you own the disk? When it’s your property?"

Also, there was this exchange which I'm proud of:

"Craig: Okay. Academy Award for best picture right? Ten million illegal downloads of the Academy Award winning movie The Hurt Locker occurred on BitTorrent while it was viewed in theaters around the world by fewer than eight million people in total. The Hurt Locker did not make money.

Brett: We have another question or response here.

Student: The Hurt Locker also didn’t have great distribution."