Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Words on Wires

I've been busy. Man have I been busy, following impulse and being successful with it. Craaazy. Here's some stuff:
Bastard Noise Live review
Slaughter Strike Interview
The Crustcast, episode 4
Me getting excited about This Comp Kills vol 2:

Next up is an interview with the lovely Faiza Kracheni, who I talked to about her band Mindless and a couple other things.

In anything I write for now on, I'm not interested in putting hyperlinks in my text. They're distracting. I'd rather write everything, mention something, then put it in a list of links at the end of the article. Why spread your brain out like that? Focus. Focus builds you. Don't spread yourself out over technology and let the interbugs take little bits away from you.