Friday, March 5, 2010

Crustcake: SXSW Shows, News, CitO

fuck yeah!

News, in regard to SXSW this year:
Crustcake, Brooklynvegan and 1000 Knives put on a secret day show!"
ACTION! PR announce SXSW showcase featuring High on Fire's only appearance
Relapse Records announces SXSW showcase

So, I'm REALLY excited about this show we're putting on with Brooklynvegan and 1000 Knives. Fred, Rich and I (and also Sean kinda) all worked together to make this show happen, and it's going to be AWESOME. Not to mention, FREE. So, if you're in Austin during that time, go.

The Action! PR and Relapse showcases are at the same time at night - I suggest going to the Action! PR one, because it's taking place in the Mohawk, which is also hosting the Prosthetic records showcase. I like Relapse and everything, but I'd rather see High on Fire, Withered, Landmine Marathon, etc. I want to see Howl at the Relapse showcase, but the only other bands I like that are going to be at that show are local and I can see them more often. So, Mohawk it is.

Band-specific news:
Howl Release artwork for album Full of Hell
Southern Lord sign The Secret

Pretty sweet stuff, both of those bands sound awesome, and I can't wait for their new releases.

ALSO. I did a "Cake in the Oven" feature for Fuck the Facts' new EP Unnamed. It's a really good EP and I think you should order it and support this band. They put it out themselves, almost entirely DIY.

To come: Interview with Kill the Client, Crustcast Episode 3, more SXSW news, more local stuff, more love.

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